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Round Valley Reservoir NJ Smallmouth Bass and Trout Fishing with Soft Plastic Baits


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  • Glitter Chatter is set up trailing a swim bait to entice a strike. No hits this time around but we will continue testing at another body of water because this bait has some great potential!
  • Dan gets ready to toss out a Swim Bait
  • Believe it or not this Rainbow Trout devoured a 4" plastic Tube.
  • The weather was really bad but with the crystal clear water this reservoir has we welcomed the conditions. Otherwise the fish would have seen us coming a mile away!
  • You would never know it from this picture but there are 3 guys on this 16.5 ft Lund Rebel SS... lots of room.
  • The shoreline is ringed with heavy foliage and some trees in the water. But the drop off is very steep and is mostly rock and sand in crystal clear water
  • this is the Glitter Jig that we used for the first time on this reservoir. We will be using this lots in the months ahead.
  • This is one of 2 dams that we caught our Trout and Smallmouth Bass off of.
  • This reservoir provides several excellent ramps with sturdy docks. This ramp is the largest and has ample parking.
  • Round Valley Reservoir is a gorgeous body of crystal clear water where you can see bottom structure in 20 feet of water with no trouble! And while that is a plus to many people it can present a number of problems for the serious angler. Especially the Smallmouth Bass angler. These fish are hard enough to catch normally, but when you toss in water that they can see through like 20 20 vision then you will have to be very stealthy and almost invisible to catch them.
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LOCATION: Round Valley Reservoir, NJ


Air Temp: 64 degrees
Water Temp: 58.9 degrees
Weather: Light breeze from the East
Fish caught: Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow Trout
Lures: no live bait was used, all fish were caught on artificial baits... tubes, jigs, swim baits and plastic worms.

All fish were caught at 12 ft depths in the Northern and South Western sections of the Reservoir along the dam walls.

Reaching depths of 180 feet (55 m), this 2,350 acre (8 km┬▓) reservoir is best known for its pristine clear blue waters. Species of fish in the lake include bass, pickerel, catfish, american eel, yellow perch, brown trout, and rainbow trout.

Heavy overcast skies with intermittent rain is usuallythe best of conditions and we experienced a nice slow drift along the shorelines we fished. The reservoir's shoreline has dense foliage but it drops off rapidly to a rock and gravel strewn bottom with little vegetation.

The fish were caught with a 4" Plastic Worm, or 4" Tube bait, between 11:00 am and 2:00pm.

This reservoir is restricted for use by the Newark Water Authority. Permits for boats and fishing are required. Powered engines are allowed but 9.9 motors only. It also has one of the best boat ramps and parking facilities in New Jersey so don't worry about that concern when coming here.

Another Smallmouth caught off the dam wall !

Check out this Rainbow Trout that Pete got on a a Tube Bait!!

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